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Hello world!

Well, to reiterate the above, hello world. As the title suggests, this blog is about the various cultural pursuits and interests of us, Sarah and Liss, authors of this blog. Culture?, you may question. Yes, the wildly varied veritable smorgasbord of culture that is available to us here in Australia (read Melbourne due to budgeting and committment purposes, though of course Geelong will feature quite heavily also). This blog will not be limited to one cultural pursuit, it will include the ‘highbrow’ (think high tea, literary classics, museums and galleries) and the ‘lowbrow’ (think McDonalds and tabloid magazines – hey! Sometimes there is a lack of books at hand). We turn our heads at nothing, well almost nothing – there are of course certain clubs and establishments that we will not be venturing into nor featuring on this blog – but if it involves food, beverage, books, music, movies, television, museums, galleries, zoos and gardens and the various other entertainments available, be assured it will probably, maybe, possibly end up here.


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